Bulk Relamping


At Greenlite we provide a UK wide relamping service via qualified and experienced engineers. Over 30 full time electric engineers service a client base which include many household names such as Harveys, Bensons for Beds, Sleepmasters, BMW, B&M Bargains, Travis Perkins, Wickes, Howdens Joinery and Volkswagen. Greenlite are now responsible for maintaining and relamping at over 10,000 sites across the UK.


Relamping refers to the replacement and cleaning of lighting components and fixtures including lamps, ballasts and diffusers, such as acrylic lens and parabolic louvres. Relamping is employed in almost every industry sector but scheduled relamping is more often used in multi-site situations in retail, commercial and industrial buildings, more specifically, stores, showrooms, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, warehouses and factories. This is undertaken to ensure optimal lighting and energy efficiency. As part of this relamping service, Greenlite is always looking to improve the energy efficiency of the lamps and lighting systems used.

There are two types of re-lamping carried out by Greenlite, Group Relamping which is the relamping of an entire area, floor or building and Spot Relamping which is relamping as needed of only spent lamps and ballasts Spot relamping is most frequently used, but group relamping can be more cost-effective and energy-efficient and better employed by companies wishing to utilise the latest energy saving devices.

At Greenlite our relamping services include:

  1. Maintaining the integrity of the original lighting design
  2. Replacing lamps and ballasts to ensure optimal light per kilowatt
  3. Including recommendations for energy savings lighting solutions