Fixed Term Leasing simple questions & answers


Q. Will my payments go up if interest rates rise?

A. No, The monthly costs will be fixed allowing you to budget accurately for up to 5 years

Q. Do I need a deposit?

A. No, there is no deposit required so you can preserve your cash flow for use in other areas of your business

Q. What is the Tax Situation?

A. Leasing payments are fully tax deductible against taxable profits

Q. Can I include maintenance costs in the leasing plan

A. Yes, The payments include maintenance provided by Greenlite, guaranteeing your product for the life of the rental

Q. Is leasing expensive?

A. No, because leasing enables you to purchase the equipment straight away you can start making savings from day 1, often, these savings will be more than the cost of the lease. Greenlite source from major funders so ensure the rates are always competitive.