Cost Reduction Strategies


The culmination of the site surveys, the lighting energy audit and initial energy report is the development of a full energy cost reduction strategy for the corporate lighting.

Working closely with our system designers, energy managers and buyers, we will produce a clear strategy with strategy aims, savings goals, timeframes and the logistics required to fully realise the savings on offer.

The strategy will cover the following key areas:

Strategy Aim

Our strategy will start by identifying the aim of what you are trying to achieve. In its simplest form, this will be aiming to reduce costs, but we can go into far more detail looking into heath and safety, long term maintenance, corporate responsibility, staged installations and so on. By identifying at the front end what we are actually trying to achieve will make the identification and realisation of goals simpler and more accurate.

Strategy Goals

As we work through the strategy, attaching specific goals will make the process more tangible and easier to monitor its effectiveness. We will put figures into our plans in terms of the reduction of energy use and savings that will be obtained. These can be transmitted into carbon emissions reductions and will go a long way to help an organisation work towards a carbon neutral existence.

Low cost Implementation

Simple low cost recommendations will be identified that can be implemented at little or no cost. For example, in a warehouse facility, it might be as simple as cleaning skylights to allow more natural daylight in, or the supply of energy saving information stickers above light switches or implementing a policy of turning lights off when the room is vacated. We can also install simple ‘last man out’ switches, which allows all lighting and non essential services to be switched off at the end of the working day with one simple switch.

Product Specification

The major savings will be made by the implementation of new equipment and savings. This will include the recommendation and specification of motion sensors, timers and low energy lighting solutions all designed to reduce the total amount of energy required for lighting, whether by limiting the time required for lighting to be on or using as little energy as possible to provide the required lighting. More information of the equipment we provide can be found by visiting the product section of our website.


Our strategy will also cover the logistics and timeframes involved in implementing the full strategy, either by using your current contractors, or working with us here at Greenlite.

Capital Expenditure

A full capital cost breakdown will be provided on the equipment required to achieve the savings outlined in the goals section of the strategy. Or a better solution is to take advantage of the Greenlite leasing scheme, where the aim is for you to remain cost neutral per month but take advantage of a new energy efficient lighting scheme.

Time Frames

Time frames will be provided not only covering the supply and installation of the required equipment, but also schedules for planned maintenance.

Savings & Life Cycle Costs

Tables will be provided outlining the savings that will be achieved and the origins of those savings. Reductions in carbon are identified as well as the instant monthly energy and maintenance savings.