Lighting Design



Tailoring your lighting needs

Greenlite delivers expertly designed lighting schemes – for internal or external lighting, across all or just part of your site.

We emphasise flexibility at the design stage, which means that our commercial lighting design services are tailored to your needs and your budget. Whether it’s a small showroom or a complex, multi-site business, our experienced team of lighting designers can create the right lighting solution for you.

Controlling your lighting

We understand the need for good lighting controls.

Depending on your needs, these controls might be as simple as fitting a ‘last man out’ switch, or as sophisticated as a fully-connected ‘intelligent’ controls system. We’ll find the right solution for you. Now a critical part of Building Regulations, we understand the importance of lighting and controls working hand-in-hand to achieve maximum efficiency.

Lighting sets the scene

We firmly believe that lighting can change the way your customers see you. It makes your showroom look inviting (…or unappealing). It makes your offices feel full of life (…or short on morale). Lighting sets the scene. Good design makes sure it’s telling the right story about your company.

Good lighting is important for:


  • Sales

Maximise sales by enhancing the aesthetic qualities of your products

  • Comfort

Create comfortable, pleasant working environments

  • Energy savings

Save up to 70% on your lighting energy consumption through clever design

  • Health and safety

Ensure your premises meet current industry lighting legislation.

“saving you up to 70% per year on your lighting energy costs”