Manufacture and Industrial



Greenlite provides industrial lighting solutions for the manufacturing industry, including warehouse lighting and factory lighting systems. Manufacturing and industrial customers use a lot of energy on lighting mainly due to the amount of floor space that needs to be clearly illuminated but also to do with the structure of traditional manufacturing facilities that have little opportunity to maximise natural light.

At Greenlite, our energy audit enables us to calculate how much energy you use, where it is used, and where we can reduce energy usage and save money. We can carry out an energy audit in any factory and industrial building and very quickly we will see why you are spending so much on electricity for your lighting. For many manufacturing companies, lighting is perceived as a low energy user in comparison to other areas of consumption; such as heating, air conditioning or energy used directly in manufacture but this is not necessarily the case.

Our solutions include upgrading to new improved energy efficient lighting, like T5 fluorescent, LED or Induction. We also include lighting controls to ensure lighting is only used when areas are occupied so you are not wasting money illuminating empty spaces.

Our environmental lighting solutions are designed to save manufacturers significant amounts of money on their lighting, often as high as 70% and with rental options now available, savings can be achieved within weeks of the initial energy audit.