At Greenlite, we work both with the public and private sector on providing environmental lighting solutions designed to reduce energy costs associated with lighting and in turn, reducing the carbon footprint associated with providing lighting.

At Greenlite we can do everything for you, from identifying where energy savings can be made right through to providing and maintaining the lighting systems. Typically energy savings of over 45% can be made on existing lighting and payback periods on capital investment are months rather than years.

  • The public sector is under increasing pressure to reduce costs and government targets on reducing carbon emissions are focusing attention onto the use of energy within government buildings. We can offer full Operating Leases and have experience in offering funding under the Salix Scheme.

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With one simple site visit we can calculate what savings can be made at that location by updating the lighting and what the cost would be to provide the lighting systems including any ongoing maintenance required.

Our clients are able to utilise our complete environmental lighting service, or pick and mix depending on existing support and relationships they may have. Often, major clients will work with us on energy reduction programmes and the supply of the lighting, possibly using existing contractors to install the lighting but relying on Greenlite to provide the ongoing maintenance and lamp and gear replacement services.