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  • Why more progressive, sustainable offices mark a new dawn for people and business

    LEDs and futurist technologies promote healthier people and sustainable firms. But they must feature within holistic office design, finds a new paper. The World Green Building Council’s (WGBC) new report on Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Green Offices shines a spotlight on best sustainable practice. It recommends LED lighting for artificial lighting needs, but, crucially, […]

  • Carbon psychology – the golden retail opportunity

    A new report; Business Solutions Carbon Psychology, is out. It contains big news for energy efficiency. ‘Retail, manufacturing and administration firms would be the biggest beneficiaries of up to £860m in energy savings across Britain if a “carbon psychology” approach is taken to improve business energy management processes,’ says EDIE, describing the paper’s key findings. […]

  • The Greenlite essential update; halogen spotlights are now banned

    The Guardian has just reported; halogen spotlights are to be phased out across Europe. The move, long in the waiting, will spark an already ascendant LED sector into further growth. ‘Energy-gobbling halogen spotlights will be phased out across Europe, in a boost for super-efficient LEDs ahead of a wider halogen bulb ban in 2018,’ wrote […]

  • The Greenlite retail masterclass; how to light a stockroom

    When considering store lighting solutions, the focus is more often than not on front of house. Stockrooms on the other hand are often at the bottom of the lighting priority list; but they are essential to energy usage, staff comfort, operational efficiency and stock security. Some simple changes can go incredibly far in terms of […]

  • Greenlite becomes first UK firm to pledge official support to Lux’s ‘Campaign for fairer warranties.’

    The move comes because Greenlite, a firm with a sector-leading warranties policy, agrees with Lux; many lighting industry warranties are unfair, misleading and fail to adequately protect customers. The fairer way to do things “Here’s how our warranties work,” says Bob Hall, Greenlite Managing Director. “We supply the product, install it and provide warranty for […]

  • The Greenlite quick and easy guide; specifying energy efficient store lighting

    Specifying and procuring the best retail lights is a tough process. Whether a retail chain employee, procurement manager, estates manager or external M&E consultant, the right lights matter. Value for money, sustainability and quality; all jostle for top position. Moreover, the choice is essential, lighting sells goods and shifts units, it’s a fundamental part of […]

  • Commercial LED lighting and the human response

    A new report into human responses to LED lighting solutions has concluded our reaction to light sources should be a primary factor in deciding to deploy them, not just efficiency or cost. The paper has been produced by The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), which pioneers responses to the threat of climate change. […]

  • Leading by example; lessons in human centric lighting for today’s offices

    Developing offices which place people before profit, using sustainable technology, delivers a better business outcome in the long term. Lighting is fundamental to this brave new approach. A modern office, with people at its heart, is the most valuable investment business today can make. That’s the view of Bob Hall, Managing Director of Greenlite Lighting […]

  • Can low energy lighting solutions beat the high street blues?

    The Telegraph has reported that BHS toppled into administration, putting 11,000 jobs at risk and with a £571m pension deficit. The news represents another tale of woe for the beleaguered UK high street. The seemingly unstoppable rise of online retail has fundamentally changed the playing field. High street retailers urgently require new strategies to maintain […]

  • Why low energy lighting solutions bring the ‘millenials’ flocking to your business

    ‘Millenials,’ those of us born from the eighties to the noughties, are especially passionate about the sustainability record of their employers. Today’s firms must improve and communicate green credentials to attract the very best talent and deliver profit Often, the logic behind installing commercial LED lighting majors on fast ROI, better light quality or a […]