Travis Perkins


The Project

Thanks to Greenlite UK, Travis Perkins saved £77,000 in utility charges after the landlord of one of their branches attempted to back date to 2007 energy costs of £100,000 allegedly incurred.

All too often, companies simply accept what their utility provider is saying and the charges they impose because they don’t know any better or understand the science behind the financial demands. The complexity of tariffs, the physical technology used types of meters and the lack of knowledge as to how much energy lights are actually using all combine to give the utility companies the upper hand when demanding payments, unless, as in this case, specialists are brought in to forensically dissect the facts. The problem is not helped by the fact that utility companies are middle men between the customer and the creator of the energy who operate on a commission basis so it is their interest to deliver higher bills. There is no incentive for the utility companies to look into these issues and reduce the bills.

The outcome

Travis Perkins received the demand for £100,000 to cover estimated energy usage after the management company said that due to management changes at the management company, Travis Perkins had not been charged for its full energy usage since 2007. This may have gone unchallenged if the demand was a few hundred pounds or even a few thousands, but when the demand is for £100,000 then the alarm bells start ringing.  After consulting Greenlite UK, Greenlite carried out a site visit to create an audit of all electrical appliances drawing down on the electricity supply and to see the equipment being used for monitoring the energy usage. A full list of the lights and other appliances in use was created, their individual energy consumption values established and the amount of hours each light was in use since 2007 to establish exactly what energy had been used over this period. By deducting the energy bills already paid, Greenlite were able to establish exactly what the shortfall in payments should be and this was £77,000 less than the demands for estimated usage being made.  Thanks to the work carried out by Greenlite, the bill was eventually settled for £23,000, some £77,000 less than the original estimated demand of £100,000.

A Greenlite spokesman said “we are coming across this problem all too often now with customers. They are unsure as to what they have paid for and what is outstanding and just take the utilities companies’ word for it that the amount demanded is the same as the amount of energy actually used. Without all the facts and figures at hand, most facilities manager are unable to effectively challenge these demands. I am just glad that we have all the systems and procedures here at Greenlite that enables us to get to the bottom of these disputes and we can help our clients in these situations”