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Lighting Solutions: Powered by Greenlite

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Welcome to Greenlite Lighting Solutions Ltd, the UK’s leading commercial lighting maintenance company specialising in the environmental lighting industry. We understand that you need light and not lighting, which is why we focus on the solution and not the problem. Our core business is providing the highest quality UK wide energy efficient lighting solutions for many of the country’s leading retail groups and multi-site businesses. We currently provide support to over 9,000 sites supported by a dedicated team at our modern Headquarters in Blackpool, 30 qualified lighting engineers and 30 support vehicles. At Greenlite, we provide a complete commercial lighting solution from full lighting after sales support, energy audits, through product specification, low energy lighting /energy efficient lighting and lamp supply, delivery and installation.

We also provide funding support with our leasing option which enables our clients to fund capital expenditure and make savings in month one.

Our goal is to help our clients ‘go green’ by introducing new technologies and systems that will reduce their energy lighting costs, reduce their carbon footprint and provide funding options so these savings can be made today, not just tomorrow, at the same time providing the UK’s best commercial and industrial lighting maintenance solutions.